Has anything like this ever happened to you?

You solve a cyber attack and suddenly you receive two or more, as if it were an endless task.

Cyber threats create a latent need for a digital security solution that can counter attacks in real time.

Having an in-house team is not only costly and inefficient, but also distracts the organization and has high levels of turnover and low levels of effectiveness.

Attackers have evolved, but so have the options to fight them.

Introducing Unified Security Operation by A3Sec


It provides Data Driven Cybersecurity, while optimizing the decision making process. We are digital warriors.


It integrates Detection, Prevention and Response services in order to provide in-depth security. We generate swift and automated processes.


It provides support for continuous improvement, raising the security position and preventing attacks to the organization. Cloud-native cutting-edge technology, supported by Big Data and ML.

More than a technological solution, it's a team of digital warriors, with advanced tools in order to SHIELD the digital assets through Prevention, Detection and Reaction.

With A3Sec, you will have a new support team responsible for 100% of your company's cybersecurity.

  • We have an operations center, where our digital warriors execute automated processes and exploit to the maximum the state-of-the-art technologies we have for you.
  • We deliver cybersecurity supported by data, generating intelligence through machine learning and determining models.
  • We facilitate decision making through a control panel, with automated responses, making cybersecurity tasks and operations highly efficient.
  • It provides adaptive security, while integrating to your company from the understanding of the security architecture, and supported in a cloud-native way.
Let us shield you!

How does CSVD® by A3Sec works?

Reviews and manages potential system vulnerabilities, anticipating attacks to close gaps and improve security position
By analyzing intrusions and movements, investigating threats using data analytics and machine learning.
Immediate reaction to attackers through in-depth security and based on hyper-automation.

How does CSVD® by A3Sec operate?

  • What we don't know we can't control or protect.
  • Categorizing in order to understand which are the crown jewels and which are the assets that can put our operation at risk.
  • An average of 195 vulnerabilities are published every day, and vulnerability management can take more than 65 days
  • Our goal is to efficiently control our customers' attack surface through efficient processes.
  • We have more than 1,000 known event detection use cases.
  • Our intelligence database integrates more than 45,000 indicators of compromise on a daily basis.
  • We develop ML models to detect the unknown.
  • Dwell Time is 279 days.
  • Our goal is to bring our customers to an operational efficiency that will lead to react in a matter of seconds against any incidents.

Why should I have CSVD® by A3Sec?

Intelligence: Throughout our operation we have developed more than 1000 use cases for detection of known events, in order to provide the necessary capabilities for the decision-making process in terms of cybersecurity, operation and business.

Advanced Analytics: We have correlation capabilities, advanced searches, mathematics, statistics and deep learning, which contribute to risk management, identification and exploitation of opportunities and efficiencies.

Scalability: We have a private cloud leveraged on technologies such as big data, virtualization, OpenStack (Software Defined Network and Software Defined DataCenter), which provides you with unlimited processing, memory and storage scalability, with operation times of new processing nodes of less than 15 minutes.

Hyper-Automation Processes: We generate automatic responses based on the incidents and anomalies detected, such as: Generating alerts, sending of e-mails/messages, execution of scripts, dynamic rules in the protection equipment, configuration changes, zero day patches, and others.

Highly trained team: Entrust cybersecurity to a team of digital warriors, with effectiveness and efficiency and eager to SHIELD you at any cost, thanks to A3Sec's experience and support, by reducing risks very quickly, without fear of internal talent leakage. We have specialized teams (data scientists, security experts, CISO's) to Prevent, Detect and Respond to cyber-attacks.


Let us shield you


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"< It is a true headache to deal with daily attacks on our infrastructure. A3Sec, not only automated the processes with CSVD, but also helped us prevent, detect and react day to day to cybercrime. />"

Caso de exito CSVD Anonymous - CISO
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