Has anything like this ever happened to you?

To grow your company, you need to reinforce your security structure.

We went from wooden doors to iron doors, but the walls increased the attack area threatening the growth.

With growth, new vulnerabilities are generated which makes it easier for attackers to do their job.

If you grow without protection you could have setbacks when you least expect them.

Introducing the SURFACE OF ATTACK by A3Sec


It allows swift decision making in the event of attacks on a critical infrastructure.


It makes that all equipment connected to the Internet is operating as it should be.


It verifies the equipment exposed to the Internet, exploring vulnerabilities or deficiencies that may facilitate attacks against it.

ATTACK SURFACE has multiple technological solutions in order to PREVENT threats by identifying the points of failure which an asset may have inside the organization.

The A3Sec team reviews 24/7 the possible threats in order to SHIELD the digital assets.

  • Identify all devices and services exposed on the network by the organization that could potentially present a risk.
  • Build and maintain the asset inventory as a baseline for visibility and management. Analysis of the configuration, versions and responses of services to identify weaknesses or flaws that could be vulnerable to known attacks or emerging threats.
  • Information analytics in order to establish a strategy to mitigate failures and improve the organization's security posture.
  • Automate responses to security flaws and weaknesses.
  • Gather intelligence associated with sensitive data breaches, unauthorized brand usage and attack campaigns.
Let us shield you!

How does ATTACK SURFACE by A3Sec work?


Identification of the attack surface

Analysis of all services, devices and workloads of the organization.


Continuous Analysis of Vulnerabilities

Automated continuous testing for the detection of vulnerabilities in the attack surface.



Enhanced cybersecurity processes in order to reduce exposure to attacks.


How does ATTACK SURFACE by A3Sec operate?

  • Continuous detection of devices, services and workloads.
  • Automation of vulnerability identification tasks of the organization's systems, services and workloads.
  • Prioritization matrix based on severity, artifacts and knowledge that the attacker must have in order to exploit it.
  • Automation of DevOps issues.

Why should I have ATTACK SURFACE from A3Sec?

Prevention against possible cyber crime threats.

Proactive decision making.

Continuous monitoring in order to guarantee control of the network landscape, services and the workloads of the micro-services infrastructure, among others.

Making it easier to resolve and manage vulnerabilities. Reduce the technological and financial risk, as well as the organization's positioning.

Support in the management of vulnerabilities in order to find points of improvement in internal processes. As well as, in the management and performance of the team.


Let us shield you


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"< Within our industry there are many regulations on digital security to be able to provide service. Attack surface by A3Sec has allowed us to identify vulnerabilities in our platforms, preventing attacks to our critical infrastructure />"

caso de exito superficie de ataque Anonymous - CISO
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