The Top Management presents to its collaborators, clients, suppliers and other interested parties, the importance of Quality in the management of the development processes of the organization. That is why the main objective of the Quality Management System is to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate our products and services in order to guarantee their quality and continuous improvement.

A3Sec Group, understanding the importance of an adequate management of information and the quality in the provision of the service, is committed to the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the QMS, seeking to establish a framework of trust for its customers, partners and collaborators in the exercise of its services and operation, supported by clear guidelines and aligned with the mission and vision; supporting the achievement of its strategic objectives and compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual quality requirements.

The guiding principles on which the development of actions or the decision-making process around the QMS is based on are as follows:

  • To establish processes oriented towards the generation of innovative products and services, which facilitate the development of our customers.

  • Promote the professional and personal development of our employees in their capabilities and competencies.

  • Comply with all standards, policies and obligations determined by regulatory and legislative bodies, as well as with the internal and contractual regulations defined for each of our business activities with reference to our customers,

  • To frame the business decisions in the ethical behavior in all acts related to our activities, seeking at all times the common benefit over the particular

  • Being committed to generating value for our customers and shareholders through the responsible management of the processes and resources involved as part of the value chain.

  • Cooperating with the protection of the environment by establishing policies and procedures in all our activities oriented to the conservation of a healthy environment.

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