Has anything like this ever happened to you?

You receive an unknown cyber attack, and you were not prepared to deal with it.

You do not have established means in order to stop an attack that has been carried out in the same way on a previous occasion.

You have not identified the attack carrier (or modus operandi) of your attackers, which could quickly destabilize your organization.

If you do not develop the intel about your attackers, the risk you expose yourself to is incalculable.

Introducing UEBA® by A3Sec


It generates a baseline of behavior and subsequently detects anomalous events.


Uses machine learning algorithms in order to support the detection of the unknown.

UEBA is a technological solution that operates through threat intelligence based on predictive machine learning models, user segmentation and anomaly identification for prediction and profiling.

Its objective is to analyze different types of input (information), using data science and artificial intelligence in order to profile the risks, the emerging threats and the uncertainty in the organization, which leads to better decision making.

  • Measures the risk level of entities, users and technological infrastructure in reference to their actions, as well as the way they use technological resources.
  • Analyzes from file sharing, email access, server access and user behavior on their devices.
  • DETECT abnormal patterns of identities and users in your infrastructure, to SHIELD YOU at any cost.
  • Threat patterns + Profiling + User network behavioral history = UEBA.
Let us shield you!

How does UEBA® by A3Sec do it?


Advanced analytics

From information analytics based on security models and machine learning, it provides added value


Reduction of false positives

Interfaces with the company's different information sources in a practical and simple way.


Increased visibility

Rapidly detects malware, information leaks and unauthorized user activities.


How does UEBA® by A3Sec operate?

  • Creation of digital assets inventory and identity database.
  • Creation of digital assets and identity behavior baselines.


  • Correlation of anomaly alarms during time periods related to frameworks such as Mitre Attack and Kill Chain.
  • Generation of alarms through risk levels of abnormal actions.



Why should I have UEBA® by A3Sec?

Decrease the risk of attack.

Facilitates the understanding of the security framework in your organization.

Besides the alerts, it is based on analytics in order to establish attack carriers, while turning detection into future prevention.

Increases the visibility of attacks in order to reduce risk.

Develops threat intelligence, enabling the evolution of the company's security profile.

Expert team in analytics and machine learning, ready to SHIELD you at any cost.

Reduced alert weariness.

Complements SIEM in order to improve detection capabilities.


Let us shield you


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"< Since we implemented UEBA by A3Sec, we have optimized the correlation of cybersecurity events. />"

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