Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Caught red handed. You discover the attackers on your system, and you need to expel them before they cause more serious damage.

There is anomalous behavior on the system by a known user, for example, requests for payment or access to sensitive files. You need to verify before allowing them to continue.

They are trying to break into your organization, you need to expel them quickly.

Having an antivirus is simply NOT enough.

Introducing EDR® by A3Sec


Monitors endpoints 24/7.


Reacts automatically (based on pre-established policies) to anomalies.


Executes access policies, blocking movements until validation.

EDR is a technological solution used to detect and react using data analytics in order to find indicators of a possible attack.

Its objective is to PROTECT your organization using machine learning, enabling coordinated and automated responses, based on pre-established policies.

  • Analyzes user actions, and generates endpoint response.
  • Allows access to machines in order to reduce exposure to risk, detecting events and responding to them immediately.
  • Adds a data layer to analyze your organization's movements, supplementing it as a hyper-evolved generation of antivirus.
Let us shield you!

How does EDR® by A3Sec do it?


Threat detection

Advanced analytics detects on devices any known, emerging or unknown threats.


Threat hunting

Ability to investigate threats and match them with attackers according to the detected fingerprint.



Ability to isolate devices in order to reduce exposure, block processes or react to the threat immediately.


How does EDR® by A3Sec operate?

  • Agents installation.
  • Network analysis.
  • Understanding the devices that are either fully operated at the level of administrator, non-administrator or devices that can't be administered.
  • Analysis of computer events to detect threats.


  • In-depth threat research.
  • Hyper-automation and capabilities to integrate other security solutions in order to improve the organization's security position.

Why should I have EDR® by A3Sec?

Facilitates real-time endpoint visibility.

Data analytics are applied for responsiveness.

Constant review of user behavior, generating alerts for suspicious activity or even automated blocking.

Develops opponent intel in order to avoid recurrences.

Eases the process of stopping attacks before they move horizontally between other organization devices.

Enhances decision making, thanks to the A3Sec support team that provides technological tools which facilitate the cybersecurity strategy.


Let us shield you


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