Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Attackers have reiterative tactics, techniques and procedures on their attack targets.

IXDR, develops intel in order to understand the attackers' digital footprint according to how they carry out their actions in order to obtain a benefit through information theft or the unauthorized access to systems.

It provides context to security telemetry, including data collection and analytics.

Every attacker leaves traces on the road.

Introducing IXDR® by A3Sec


Provides context to events to identify incidents, while detecting emerging threats.


Supports the triage and investigation processes in order to improve the alert workload and the response times before incidents.


It helps ensure compliance with regulations, while generating business indicators oriented to security.

IXDR has a technological solution which develops intel for threat detection, which allows to visualize frauds or fake applications from outside the organization.

It DETECTS anomalies from internet crawling, deep and dark web by means of Big Data and machine learning models, understanding attack carriers in order to facilitate the decision-making process.

  • Intelligence in terms of cybersecurity is not that different from a military model (we collect information to understand the enemy, the terrain and what is happening), in order to act accordingly.
  • Understand the attackers' techniques, tactics and procedures.
  • It is a solution backed by a team of digital warriors, always ready to DETECT possible attacks against your digital assets on the network, on servers, services, micro-services, network equipment, workstations, cloud workloads, loT and OT. Ready to SHIELD YOU at any cost.
Let us shield you!

How does IXDR® by A3Sec works?



Continuously updated loC and loA database which analyzes the reliability and validity of the information.



API integration with SIEM or SOAR systems in order to provide both context and intelligence to the security operation



Access through a portal in order to analyze relevant intelligence information for the organization.


How does IXDR® by A3Sec operate?

  • Database of open and paid sources of compromise indicators in order to provide content for security telemetry.

  • Identification of breaches and related information on the Deep & Dark Web that may expose the organization.

  • Detection of fraud events or information theft such as card data, user credentials, and sensitive organizational data.

  • Detection of fraud events or theft of information such as card data, user credentials, and sensitive organizational data.


Why should I have IXDR® by A3Sec?

Provides cybersecurity teams with certainty about malicious files and emails.

Assists in identifying threats for more efficient investigations, accelerating cybersecurity processes before, during and after an attack.

Alert mailbox that receives possible phishing emails as well as requests for review of potentially malicious files.

Automates emails and files with our Sandboxing and Archiving systems, which help to identify if there is a risk in an email or a file.

Certifies the security of a file by returning a report with a validation hash.


Let us shield you


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"< We always allocate part of our budget to DETECT threats. IXDR by A3Sec has provided us with key information about our environment to be more secure. />"

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