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In order to assist in your everyday tasks, you need to have all systems operating, and to measure it, you need management and service indicators, regardless of the number of servers, network devices or datacenters, it is essential to continuously monitor in order to ensure the operation of the systems.

The larger the infrastructure, the more urgent it is to have a monitoring system.

Introducing WOCU-Monitoring by A3Sec


It generates reports with follow-up on management and service indicators.


Monitor infrastructure status on geographic maps.


It operates with Big Data, indexing and storing all service cases.

WOCU-Monitoring is a technological solution that facilitates the monitoring of all connected equipment, by measuring management and service indicators at all times, with a business impact assessment.

It indexes the occurred cases, generates reports, allows reviewing cases on geographical maps and monitors the network traffic in an intelligent and secure way.

  • It is a fourth generation monitoring and supervision solution for IP devices, systems and networks.
  • It offers resource optimization, quick response to problems and lower maintenance costs among others.
  • A unified console, which allows you to quickly know the infrastructure at a glance, while studying the behavior of the network in real time.
  • It facilitates the reception of events through monitored alerts, integrates new developments and dashboards, facilitates data downloading, just to name a few of its functionalities.
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Overview of what monitors WOCU®-Monitoring by A3Sec?

  • Servers
  • Network electronics
  • Virtual machines
  • Sensors
  • Databases
  • Storage
  • Hypervisors
  • SSH
  • WMI
  • SNMP
  • NRPE
  • NSClient
  • TCP
  • RESTful API

¿How does WOCU®-Monitoring by A3Sec do it?



Improve visibility on incidents that have an impact on the business.



Measures IT infrastructure performance and optimizes the resources.



It reduces the time of troubleshooting.


How does WOCU®-Monitoring by A3Sec work?

  • Events and metrics of the monitored infrastructure all in one place. WOCU-Monitoring is designed to give visibility to all equipment.
  • We developed our own monitoring engine to get you where you need to go.
  • Correlation of anomaly alarms over time periods related to frameworks such as Mitre Att&ck and Kill Chain.
  • Using simple wizards you can massively register and/or update the devices.
  • Correlate service metrics, devices and the events that generate in order to get a holistic view of all interdependencies.
  • Limit, add and modify views at all levels, from entire tabs to widgets or user-specific actions.
  • Integrate and visualize dashboards and panels from other applications. In addition, you will have your metrics in RRD format and data series.
  • Combines the power of active monitoring with the reception of passive events and generates alerts by correlating information.
  • Checks portals exposed to the Internet in real time in order to block users and identifies double factor or captcha.
  • Integration with delegated authentication systems such as LDAP. Enables and easily controls the management of user permissions through groups.
  • Customize the look and feel of WOCU-Monitoring through themes. Use your company's or your customers' corporate colors, fonts and images
  • Consult our professional services so you can make WOCU-Monitoring your customized monitoring solution.

Why should I have WOCU®-Monitoring by A3Sec?

You will be able to monitor performance metrics and network incidents.

You will be able to monitor performance, health and configuration changes in your network or servers.

You will be able to visualize a mapping of services, top-down and geographical views in order to detect exact failures in the system, which allows for a quick and efficient decision making.

You will replace the monitoring tools by stages, counting on a single tool which facilitates it in an integrated way.

You will have the capacity to manage many endpoints with the same console.

We integrate platforms customized to your needs

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"< We decided to implement WOCU because we needed a flexible tool that would adapt to our needs. Thanks to WOCU we are capable of detecting incidents in a proactive way in over 80% of cases. />"

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