Has anything like this ever happened to you?

279 days is the average time to identify and contain a security breach.

Attackers generate false positive attacks to divert the attention of security schemes from what is really important.

Imagine losing your credit cards, but only 279 days later you take action on it, because you were busy responding to other contingencies.

It is not enough to protect yourself, reacting with the right actions is imperative.

Introducing SOAR® by A3Sec


Integrates with any security event source such as SIEM or Security Analytics.


Improves triage and investigation processes in order to reduce alarm weariness.


Orchestrates actions and automates processes in order to reduce attack exposure time.

SOAR is a technological solution that provides incident containment thanks to the detection provided by the SIEM.

It manages security incidents in an automated way, based on A3Sec backup equipment, to reduce the time of exposure to attacks.

  • It optimizes the time of possible incidents.
  • Automates repetitive operational tasks.
  • It coordinates all the tools of the organization's security architecture in order to respond effectively to threats and incidents.
Let us shield you!

How does SOAR® by A3Sec achieve this?



Ability to automate every repetitive task carried out by users.


Scalable Security

Integration of the entire security architecture to efficiently respond to threats.


Operational Efficiency

Reduction of effort in security processes while increasing our capabilities as a security team.


How does SOAR® by A3Sec?

  • Assist in cybersecurity case management by supporting collaboration between different teams.
  • Measure and report the behavior of security activities executed on the platform in order to identify the effectiveness and ROI of the implementation.
  • The tool is easily adaptable to changes in the identity security infrastructure.
  • The tool is constantly being nurtured by a large community focused on developing more and more integrations and use cases.



Why should I have SOAR® by A3Sec?

Assists in threat containment, perform efficient investigations, accelerate cybersecurity processes before, during and after an attack.

Stops attacks against critical infrastructure.

Coordinates and automates processes in order to contain threats.

Generates immediate reaction to a serious failure, while avoiding its escalation.


Let us shield you


Learn about one of the success stories

"< Since implementing SOAR, we have elevated our profile of banking security and it has improved the processes efficiency, reducing at the same time the Dwell time. />"

caso de exito SOAR Anonymous - CISO - Sector Financiero
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