Has anything like this ever happened to you?

A virus that starts out seemingly small, quickly escalates to other points of contact without stopping.

Key information starts to be extracted by an external agent, every second counts in order to stop the leakage of information to unknown external servers.

A conspiracy against our system is forged outside our facilities (and often comes from within). We must detect it in order to react to it swiftly.

The attackers are already here, they came in through a wire and we must contain them.

Introducing NDR® by A3Sec


It captures data from the wire and structures it, generating digital evidence with the capacity to save it for future investigations


It increases the detection capacity by 95%, supporting the security teams with advanced detection models through machine learning.


Ability to integrate with the security architecture in order to automatically react to breaches or incidents.

NDR facilitates system monitoring, listening to communication from multiple servers in order to visualize attackers.

It provides an in-depth security scheme, with the ability to isolate endpoints and to prevent attack's migration to other devices.

  • Detects breaches and security threats, and reacts immediately.
  • We analyze user movements and convert them into analytics in order to react to anomalous behavior.
  • It is a solution backed by a data analytics team, always ready to DETECT and REACT to attacks. Always ready to SHIELD you at any cost.
Let us shield you!

How does NDR® by A3Sec work?



Analysis of all connected devices on the Host network, loT, microservices, workloads and encrypted traffic.


Advanced analytics

Ability to support and analyze 40 Gbps per second.


Threat hunting

We dive deep into unknown attacks while protecting information in order to improve investigative capabilities.


How does NDR® by A3Sec operate?

  • Network devices and services are inventoried.
  • Anomaly and threat detection according to frameworks such as Kill Chain and Mitree Att&ck.
  • Investigation and evidence gathering for analysis of attackers' techniques, tactics and procedures.
  • Integration with security architecture in order to respond to threats.

Why should I have NDR® by A3Sec?

Reduces data breaches and other fraud risks by 70%.

Accelerates development times by 90%.

Reduces security incidents and downtime by 82%.

Data integration and solution development with A3Sec team.

IT operational analysis: Alignment of IT operations based on strategic business objectives.

It empowers IT security teams with infrastructure monitoring and advanced application performance monitoring services.


Let us shield you


Learn about one of the success stories

"< Since implementing NDR by A3Sec, we have improved our profile of banking security, since we have technical knowledge and procedures that are not known that can be detected by other legacy security systems. />"

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