Has it happened to you?

To keep growing, your company needs its critical assets to be protected.

Your company is in constant evolution and you need to ensure regularly that your defenses are working correctly. 

It simulates attacks on companies in your industry and verifies the strength of your defense.

If you grow without protection, you could face setbacks in the least expected moment.

Introducing the Attack Security Validation - ASV® by A3Sec


Validate the defenses against the latest attacker techniques, procedures and tactics.


Continuously measure the strength of existing protections against their impact on the business.


Test the entire existing security model.

ATTACK SECURITY VALIDATION has multiple technological solutions in order to PREVENT threats by identifying the points of failure that an asset may have in the organization.

A3Sec's team reviews 24/7 the possible threats in order to SHIELD the digital assets.

  • Agent-free.
  • Tests defenses against the latest capabilities of attackers, on an ongoing basis, by identifying flaws or lack of control in your organization.
  • Approaches Black Box / Grey Box / Specific Target / Vulnerability Analysis.
  • Attack level adjustment: testing detection and prevention systems.
  • Privilege laddering: starting with unprivileged but more easily breached users to escalate from there to administrator users.
  • Lateral moves: Continuous exploration of options for jumping between computers and network segments.
  • Secure pentest and controlled first rule, do no harm.
  • Credential security level - hundreds of millions of combinations in password libraries and social engineering.
Let us shield you!

How does Attack Security Validation - ASV® by A3Sec works?


Measurement of the effectiveness of defenses

Analysis of all services, equipment and workloads of the organization.


Identifying potential risks and business impact.

Automated continuous testing for detection of vulnerabilities of the attack platform.


Providing the methods

Improving the cybersecurity processes used to reduce the exposure to attacks through a risk-based remediation plan.


How does Attack Security Validation - ASV® by A3Sec work?

  • From the CSVD (Center for Security and Digital Surveillance) we provide a continuous service of validation regarding the level of risk by analyzing the effectiveness of the security controls that mitigate each of the techniques, tactics and procedures defined in Mitre Att&ck with all the added value that we can provide at a global level. Remote operation from our international centers.

  • Automation of known and emerging attack simulations to identify vulnerabilities in the organization's systems, services and workloads.

  • Definition of risk-based mitigation plans according to the needs of each client.

  • Early warnings and reporting of technical results obtained with a detailed explanation. Adequacy of results with strategic consulting team in order to explain the business risk level based on the technical findings.


Why should I have Attack Security Validation - ASV® by A3Sec?

A Service model in order to avoid internal customer efforts.

Automation process in order to allow for a greater number of security exercises.

An expert mitigation support team.

Risk reduction against breaches and attacks


Let us shield you


Learn about one of the success stories

"< Within our industry there are many regulations on digital security to be able to provide service. Attack surface by A3Sec has allowed us to identify vulnerabilities in our platforms, preventing attacks to our critical infrastructure />"

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