Has anything like this ever happened to you?

You discover that your system is behaving strangely, the information on your systems has disappeared but you don't know how to recover it. You suffer an attack against your infrastructure and you need to protect yourself.

Key information has disappeared, but you have no idea how to track it down and find it.

An attack is generated against your critical infrastructure and you need backup.

Having a fortified castle is simply NOT enough.

Introducing SIEM® by A3Sec


Detects well-known, emerging and unknown threats.


It helps to have complete visibility of risks.


Helps generate regulatory compliance.

SIEM has the ability to analyze and process any source of information whether it is technological infrastructure, network equipment, stations, databases, microservices, workloads, loT, OT, among others.

Its goal is to make data accessible, allowing the identification of patterns, data diagnosis and provision of intelligence for decision making using machine learning techniques, dismantling attackers.

  • It is the nerve center of IT security from which the security engines work.
  • It provides access to all cybersecurity information in one place, allowing you to optimize decision making.
  • It is a technological solution backed by a team of digital warriors, always ready to DETECT possible attacks against your network assets, ready to PROTECT you at any cost.
Let us shield you!

How does SIEM® by A3Sec do it?



We connect to all necessary logs and to any source of information.



Possibility to grow based on customer needs. To process all the information that can help us detect the known and unknown.



We detect intrusions in real time. Allowing you to have more time to take action and reduce exposure to attacks.


How does SIEM® by A3Sec operate?

  • Creation of data streams.
  • Secure searches.
  • ETL processes: extraction, transformation and loading.
  • Shared searches.
  • Single information model generation to include any source and exploit the data models and use cases created.
  • Reporting.
  • A3Sec use case library.
  • All detection aligned with frameworks such as Kill Chain and Mitre Att&ck.
  • Anomaly models.
  • Machine learning for detecting unknown threats.
  • Forensics / troubleshooting.
  • Event correlation.
  • Automated triage and investigation processes.
  • Inclusion of context through security intelligence sources.
  • Correlation of alerts in order to minimize the alerts escalation.
  • Dashboards, Reporting and Alerts.
  • Alerts.
  • Reporting.
  • Automation of threats response processes.



Why should I have SIEM® by A3Sec?

Increases the visibility of the organization by including any type of data.

Reduces the detection time of data breaches and fraud by 70%.

Continuously monitors the organization's security position.

Reduces security incident triage and investigation times by 90%.

Reduce alert fatigue by analyzing alarm risk over time periods.

Integration with ticket management and automation tools in order to respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents.

Empowered decision making, thanks to A3Sec's support team providing technological tools which facilitate the cybersecurity strategy.


Let us shield you


Learn about one of the success stories

"< We have multiple logs generating yottabites per minute. SIEM by A3Sec has allowed us not only to meet security state regulations for our industry, but also has optimized the correlation between events />"

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