Here are the new features of WOCU Monitoring version 0.40.

List of new features

Easier and more intuitive

We continue adding value to WOCU and increasing its usability by incorporating new functionalities, such as the filtering of Alarms (Problems) according to the duration of the incident, which allows to evaluate and act according to its criticality and to control the impact of each alert in the business processes;

Filtrado de alarmas por duraciónFig 1.Alarm filtering by duration

or adding new workspaces with the new Dashboards tab, reserved for exporting and integrating dashboards created in external tools, but complementary to WOCU.

Pestaña DashboardsFig 2. New DASHBOARDS tab

We have also improved the Import-tool

Among others, the possibility to exclude a particular service from a specific Device, without having to remove the entire monitoring pack. Likewise, thanks to the new Differences action in the Pending Assets list, the user is provided with a comparative table between Device versions, which have been newly discovered after the launch of a new task and which present variations in their configuration. Both functions make the Asset monitoring options much more flexible.

Diferencias entre Assets pendientes y activosFig 3. Differences between Active and Pending Assets


On the other hand, we continue updating the tool's image, with new aesthetic changes that show an even clearer and more cohesive design.

We keep adding Monitoring Packs

Simultaneously, our portfolio of Monitoring Packs continues to grow steadily with new packs and services, as well as the refactoring of numerous WOCU components to REACT technology.


Have you seen the new application cases?

And finally, in relation to the documentation we provide, our User Manual continues to be enriched with new use cases that streamline the handling and management of WOCU.

Nuevos casos de uso

In conclusion ...

This latest version continues to work on maintaining the robustness of the operational flow, since in addition to centralizing quickly and efficiently all data concerning the status of IT infrastructures, it is possible to control adverse situations during monitoring and react proactively in time.

Without leaving behind the integration of different market needs, WOCU continues to position itself as the strategic tool that covers all the monitoring requirements that an operator needs to have a complete technological network under control.

But there is more, read on and get to know the complete list of new features of WOCU in this version and make the most of all the latest functions.


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