Finagro is the financing fund for the agricultural sector and they have been working with A3Sec since 2016 on an ongoing basis.

Before installing the UEBA solution, they had recurring problems in their security system, and were unable to detect them quickly, as well as having low security profiles.

The continuous generation of data was not assimilated at the same speed of creation and they needed to make swift decisions in order to ensure the security of critical assets.

They urgently needed to be able to detect incidents, visualize risks, and generate indicators oriented to digital asset security decision making.

Behavioral anomaly analysis helps us to identify the unknown, leveraging experience, the probability and the analysis of possible effects.
Finagro, needed to SECURE their digital assets with UEBA, see what happened when they installed A3Sec's solution:

"Since we implemented UEBA, we have optimized the correlation of cybersecurity events in Finagro, including specific implementations in order to safeguard our organization hand in hand with A3Sec".


Javier Enrique Guatame

CISO Finagro


What did we get with UEBA powered by A3Sec?


We configured the inventory of digital assets.


We developed the baseline for the digital asset profiling.


We detected anomalies in the system.


We constantly evaluate the cybersecurity risk.


UEBA Solution from A3Sec

  • At Finagro we can now see the user behavior in the dashboards.
  • We gain knowledge and raise our digital security profile as an organization.
  • We built a functional and customized tool for Finagro with the help of A3Sec.
  • We optimized our alternatives in order to respond to different attack carriers.
  • We reduced the time it takes to perform threat search tasks.
  • We eradicated daily problems, facilitating the operation and reducing risks for the company.
  • We empowered our organization by having the peace of mind that our digital assets are well protected.
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