A client in the financial sector already had the SIEM solution integrated to their system, but their capabilities were limited to monitoring and they did not have any event-based intelligence development.

They lacked integrated technologies; most of them were operating systems that prevented them from visualizing their security landscape.

They needed to make swift decisions in order to ensure the security of their critical assets, but their response to incidents was manual.

They urgently needed to automate their cybersecurity processes, and stop thinking about the day-to-day and focus on the long term.

Today, more than ever, you need to act with advanced expertise in order to REACT to risks in real time.

This bank in Mexico needed SOAR. Look what happened when they SECURED with A3Sec:

"Since implementing SOAR, we have raised our bank security profile, gained technical expertise and our systems have evolved."


Financial Sector

Anonymous CISO


What did we get with SOAR from A3Sec?


We developed alerting analysis.


We automated our cybersecurity processes.


We orchestrated our response to attacks.


Improved our incidents management.


We optimized digital case management.


We developed useful metrics and reports for management.


We extended its services to the entire bank.


We developed progressive intel supported by the community.


SOAR Solution by A3Sec

  • SOAR is fed by multiple events and improves the response times. This led the bank to go from a 3-day response time to a 20-minute response time (with improvements of up to 80%).
  • The quality of life for the security analysts improved, as they were freed from operational tasks, while avoiding repetitive tasks (Full time equivalent).
  • We had an ROI for the costs, facilitating the scalability of the organization.
  • We visualized risks and generated actions oriented to the security decision making of our digital assets.
  • It was very easy to be integrated with the bank's technologies, and we were able to start the implementation process in 20 days, and up to date, it has never ceased to operate.
  • We had other professional services from A3Sec (for more than 5 years) with security schemes and KPIs. Today we have been 2 years with SOAR already implemented and detecting threats, coordinating responses and reinforcing our security system.
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