SoyYo was launched in 2019 with the goal of advancing the transformation of the digital identity, in order to minimize the fraud from identity theft of any organization.  

Even as a start-up company, they knew they needed a strategic cybersecurity partner in order to grow hand in hand.

SoyYo were in need of increased responsiveness over their systems, as organizations are experiencing increasingly complex attacks, since the traditional security approaches are not enough.

To stop the cyber criminals, it’s important to scan them first, but visibility was limited as there were no EDR-compliant solutions on the market.

Sometimes attackers are already inside the system, we need to contain them and have insight into workloads, containers and IoT in order to react.
SoyYo needed to SECURE their digital assets with CSVD, see what happened when they installed the A3Sec solution:

"Thanks to A3Sec we eliminated operational tasks and decreased the need for cybersecurity manpower."

ciso Soy yo

Sebastián Rojas

CISO - SoyYo


What did we get with the CSVD by A3Sec?


Ongoing management of digital asset inventory


We reduced the attack area


We detected the known and the unknown


We developed a hyper-automated response


The CSVD Solution by A3Sec

  • We develop continuous improvement processes addressing different digital protection strategies.
  • We carry out operations with peace of mind thanks to A3Sec's support.
  • Increased our insight into attack vulnerabilities, always evolving with continuous improvement alternatives.
  • We strengthened our technical capacity by counting on A3Sec's support.
  • We visualized attacks quickly, detecting malware that would have affected machines and endpoints.
  • When we started this service, we had a high amount of malware, today we are practically at zero, thanks to all the internal processes and to the support of A3Sec regarding the correlation between prevention, detection and reaction.
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