The banking segment is HUGE. Our bank could be considered medium-sized, even though we have several offices in different cities, we have a transactional portal and a mobile application, with double-digit growth. 

Our growth has increased the need for wider visibility, to understand what is happening in our systems and networks to make decisions in a timely manner. 

We already had A3Sec products, but now we needed to analyze the incremental network traffic, since there are networks in our banking ecosystem that we do not control. 

We urgently needed support to counter the techniques and tactics of potential encrypted traffic attacks.

If you contain at the right time, you can avoid total destruction.

This bank in Spain needed NDR. See what happened when SHIELDING with A3Sec:

“Thanks to A3Sec we were able to increase our visibility and understanding of cyber risks to which we are exposed. We felt that we were removing a blindfold, because the risks were latent”.



Top customer support
CISO financial sector


What did we get with NDR by A3Sec?


We detected network entities.


We developed advanced passive analytics.


We initiated threat hunting processes.


We generated adaptive response.


NDR solution from A3Sec

  • We understood that we must SHIELD not only our devices, but also the network, increasing visibility proportionally to the increase in data traffic. 
  • Thanks to mitre attack we develop intelligence on attackers, allowing us to raise our cybersecurity profile. 
  • We now have the ability to extract files directly from the network to analyze them, making our processes more efficient.
  • As it is a network solution, it facilitates the connection to other services, speeding up investigation processes in the event of network anomalies.

  • The deployment of intrusion detection systems of the cybersecurity infrastructure can last up to 6 months. With A3Sec it takes less than 2 months.

  • It has a very agile deployment methodology, in the installation we only had to generate two maintenance windows. It is fully adaptive.

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