The new WOCU 0.43 version is loaded with new features and improvements in response to the requests and suggestions of our users and to the current market needs.

If in previous versions we worked on traceability and access blocking, this new version brings new techniques and security and control measures that prevent the filtering of illegitimate sessions. With this implementation, we continue to address any risk of intrusion or malicious activity that may alter the stability of WOCU. It is our priority to protect and ensure the integrity of the tool.


The Metrics Evolution Reports have also been further improved. Given the infinite number of metrics available in the configuration of these reports, the parent service that generates them has been included for each of the available metrics, thus avoiding possible confusion between similar metrics.


If previously new information on problematic assets was added in the Business Processes debugging view (BP Trace), in this one we have worked on the current view's usability, redistributing the different executable actions in order to facilitate its interaction.


Likewise, a new generic banner is included for the acceptance of the Cookies Policy applied in WOCU, with the purpose of informing in a clear and precise way about the cookies used in the tool and their purpose of use.


But that's not all, new API improvements have been added, including macros in the Assets endpoints, providing very useful information that accurately details the Device in question.


We continue updating our Monitoring Packs Catalog, incorporating new monitoring packs and services, as well as supporting new technologies and manufacturers. As well as the refactoring of numerous WOCU components to the REACT technology.

Last but not least, this release includes optimizations, enhancements and bug fixes, which together make this latest version more stable and consistent.

Read on for a complete list of new features and enhancements and get more information with the user manual if needed.

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