We continue working on a unified and standardized monitoring line. WOCU Monitoring is an all-in-one tool, where a single console integrates all the information regarding the status, performance and capacity of the monitored infrastructure.

New Performance Data Display

Therefore, this version adds the new Performance view, where all the monitoring metrics are collected together with their performance values, recorded for each service, which are the result of the continuous checks in terms of the operability of the network elements.

vista performance wocu


Updated Inventory

In relation to the Inventory data and asset attributes module, WOCU is now able to detect links in inventory values and convert them into clickable ones. Another feature that continues to optimize one of the most powerful modules of the tool.

Although the previous version incorporated the Diffferences by Devices action located in the pending list, now it has been improved by incorporating a new table where the configuration macros that have been recently updated are broken down.


Customize your Problems Console

The sorting method of two of the most relevant columns of the Alarms (Problems) tables has also been modified: Impact and Duration. These fields are closely related and will allow the operator a more rapid resolution of alerts according to the assigned impact.


We add another application case

We continue to enrich our User Manual with a new application case on how to get the most out of Passive Monitoring in WOCU, by applying a specific pack.

Don't forget to read the post we wrote for Alerting on passive monitoring events.



In terms of security, this time we have worked on the ability to monitor access attempts to the tool. Being aware of WOCU's exposure on the Internet, it was necessary to work on access traceability, to detect failed authentications and act accordingly by blocking accounts.


New monitoring packs

In addition, new improvements have been added to the configuration API and we continue to add value to our Monitoring Packs catalog, both by adding new monitoring packs and services, as well as supporting new technologies and manufacturers.


But there is more...

This version comes loaded with new integrations and enhancements, read on and see the complete list of new features and learn more with the user manual if necessary.


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