It's been a month and a half since our last WOCU news announcement and we are ready for a new release!

As you know we like to share with you the updates of each new release, this one will be ready by the end of the week.

The report module has been improved by adding several functionalities to existing reports and improving the management of localized dates in the report scheduling.


release 0.34 informes


We have also worked on enriching asset discovery tasks to make them more flexible by adding new options.

On the other hand, the user experience has been improved with several changes such as the ability to configure basic asset attributes from the monitoring page itself and the ability to display the alias of the services from the interface.


release 0.34 display_name_event_monitoring


In addition, it is now possible to configure service-based business processes and massively apply packs to monitored assets


release 0.34 massive_configure_packs


And if that were not enough, user authentication has also been improved, allowing to manage the realms to which a user can access through groups, which allows to manage users in a more comfortable and controlled way and facilitates integration with delegated authentication systems such as LDAP.

In conclusion, in this latest update, we continue working on features that provide greater flexibility, agility and convenience in operator tasks and asset management, while maintaining the usability, simplicity and scalability that characterizes WOCU.

But there is more, so keep checking and you will be able to know the complete list of new features of this version.




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