Here are the new features of version 0.39 of WOCU Monitoring, a tool that continues to advance and to adapt to the needs of the market and the customer.

List of new features

We care a lot about the process of usability

That is why in this new version it has been our priority to continue working on streamlining processes, and making the configuration and management of any element as less tedious as possible. Among many other new features, widgets have been included to simplify and streamline operations in the Aggregator Advanced Configuration module, along with an updated style, with a more attractive and clearer design for the user.

Also, new filtering options have been added according to the type and current status of assets in the Alarms inventories. Keeping the view as clean and uncluttered as possible, for the orderly treatment of elements.

Filtro por estado y tipología en página de Problemas


In relation to the WOCU Public API, as a new feature, the complete documentation has been added to our User Manual, in a separate chapter. Likewise, the aesthetics of this same information served in Swagger has been improved, bringing the design closer to our tool.

Documentación del API de Wocu Monitoring


But without a doubt, one of the new features that we are most proud of is the complete migration to Python 3.7 of the WOCU code. This includes the backends of the aggregator, the import-tool, the common python-wocu library and the checks used in the monitoring packs. All in all, this migration has been successfully handled by our development team.

At the same time, we are continuously updating our Monitoring Packs catalog, adding new packs and new associated services, as well as refactoring many WOCU components to REACT technology.


Last but not least, we have expanded the scope of the BP Trace feature available in the modals. In particular, support has been added for processing and painting the tree with Business Processes (BP) that integrate other BPs among their members, i.e. formed by several nested BPs.

Procesos de Negocio anidados en página BP Trace


But there's more, read on and get to know the complete list of WOCU's new features in this version and make the most of all our latest functions.


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