This year again, A3Sec has attended PyConEs 2019, being aware that it is the most important annual national event in the Python world. It is an event that we have sponsored since our work is intimately linked to this programming language and that is why we also want to support the community, both to evolve this environment and to spread the capabilities that this language offers to all of us. The feeling we had after attending could not be better.


We have attended talks of all kinds, from those that have shown us real engineering challenges, through the theoretical ones that are always necessary to remember or learn more abstract concepts, to the talks in which the process of software transformation of a company has been described.

We would like to make special mention of three talks that have particularly caught our attention, not because we think they are the best, we would just like to comment on them, bearing in mind that something positive can be taken out of all the talks.

  1. Drivers in Python or how to turn on colored lights on a keyboard when I receive an email.

This talk was special because of the paraphernalia that the speaker, Javier Torres Niño, was wearing. He brought a backlit keyboard with a camera so we could see what was happening in his demo (it came out perfect). In the talk he explains the procedure he followed to discover how to gain control of the lights on his keyboard and do with them what he wanted. Once he gained this knowledge, he had a very specific application in mind, to turn on the number lights based on the number of unread emails in his email account. Seeing it live was spectacular.

Odyssey in the mud: The funny story about inheriting a legacy project with great tech debt and standing alone.

Apeteat's CTO, Miguel Jimenez Garcia, has a lot of merit with the sense of humor he shows in this talk. It is an experience that all of us professionals who work in this world have to go through, so when it is told by someone who has lived it in his own flesh, it becomes more real and enriching. With encouragement and knowledge we get out of all the situations that are proposed to us. It must be said that it is not only a story, but it goes into high-level technical details, which are valuable for any professional.


Software economics

Pycones 3-1

The speaker, Miguel Gonzalez Flores, explains from a business point of view why it is cheaper to do things right. Perhaps this talk is the least technical but one of the most valuable for any professional, it shows numbers and graphs of the cost of a project when things are done following good practices and the inevitable drift that will suffer when they are not followed, generating a technical debt that will be reflected in the long-term economic, which may force the company to cancel or throw a project after years of development.


The stands and the companies

This year the stands of the companies were very well organized. In all of them we could see that, as in all the sector related to IT, there is a demand for professionals that far exceeds the available supply.

In each stand there was a proposal for the participants of this PyCon. There were not only the typical posters, flyers and various merchandising. In some booths you could participate in activities that created quite a lot of expectation.

Our colleagues from McKinsey & Company allowed us to assemble a crab robot that rotates when it detects the edge of the table and thus avoids falling! They provided the parts and instructions and we provided the hands. Now we have a crab in our office spinning around on a table.

At the OpenSistemas booth we were able to participate in a contest to win rubber penguins. They set up a small pool with several inflatable penguins into which we had to fit a ring. It wasn't easy!

This type of activity has enabled communication and interaction between companies and conference attendees in a less ephemeral and closer way.



It must be said that the organization was a complete success. The place where we had to go, the directions to get there, the kindness of the people and the facilities we were given when there were any problems were very much appreciated.

Adequate spaces were provided and we did not lack food or drink, and since it was organized at the University of Alicante we were able to enjoy the wonderful campus they have. We were even able to see up close the ducks that roam freely there.

The atmosphere of respect is a constant in all editions of the PyConEs so it is not surprising, but it is appreciated. They took vegetarians into account when serving meals, which speaks very well of the organization from the point of view of tolerance for diversity and integration.


Django Girls

And speaking of diversity and integration we must make special mention to the Django Girls who try to give balance to this profession, in which unfortunately, there is a male majority. In the workshops organized on Thursday, Alba Ferri participated as an apprentice and Monica Garcia as a mentor.

From A3Sec we join this initiative and encourage all women to learn this language and enjoy this beautiful profession.


Outside the event

Beyond the event itself, we were able to enjoy the city of Alicante, which has an incredible atmosphere at night and no shortage of cultural, restaurant and leisure offerings.

We were able to share stories, experiences and anecdotes with colleagues from other companies, reconnect with former colleagues and share a good time in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We were able to see the sea, which for those of us who live in Madrid is always a joy, although we were left with the desire to take a dip.



In conclusion, the PyConEs is an event full of activities and knowledge, where you live in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. A very enriching experience from a professional point of view, in an environment conducive to create opportunities for business and work.

We are already looking forward to the next edition of PyConEs in 2020, a year that promises a lot, considering, a priori, that we will all have to live without Python 2.


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