Mexico is among the first places worldwide in cyber-attacks and defending against them can be the difference between surviving and losing value.

Cada día en México hay más de 300 millones de intentos de ciberataques a la infraestructura de empresas y datos personales, el objetivo principal de los ciberdelincuentes es obtener datos sensibles que permitan realizar actos ilícitos, como el robo de identidad, el mal manejo de la imagen de un particular o una compañía y hasta pedir rescate para reintegrar los activos digitales.

Every day in Mexico there are more than 300 million attempts of cyber-attacks to the infrastructure of companies and personal data, the main objective of cybercriminals is to obtain sensitive data in order to carry out illicit acts, such as identity theft, mismanagement of the image of an individual or a company and even ask for ransom to restore digital assets.

In a hyperconnected world, where there are almost four times more electronic devices connected to the Internet than human beings on the planet, electronic security is becoming increasingly important, especially when a significant part of a company's value is at stake.

Israel Gutiérrez, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of A3Sec, a company specialized in shielding digital assets and with international presence, indicates that such assets can range from email, social networks, to bank accounts and information found in the cloud. All this is considered as digital identity of a person or company, the digital information that is transmitted from one point to another is considered "digital assets.

"As individuals our identity and presence on the web is categorized as an asset. For companies, digital assets can be their names, where they have their information stored. For example, the process flows for the delivery of products or services depend on digital assets, they are no longer the notebooks where the records were kept, but a series of elements that are already digital," said the CTO of A3sec.

Currently, it is unthinkable to look for a company if it is not through search engines or social networks, in this sense the specialist refers that social networks are used to share information and knowledge, in addition to being linked.

"You are finding a place where you can transmit ideas or information and you can also be known and convey a message. At the moment of transmitting that information, you are digitizing this data and communication. At that moment, you own what you are transmitting to the digital world," adds Gutiérrez.

In this sense, taking care of digital assets takes on greater relevance for businesses, regardless of their size.

"Every minute that an application or a website with sales or service operations goes down means losses. Having a 360º shield allows you to guarantee a constant service that, in turn, protects the value of your company," said Israel Gutiérrez.


The first step toward protecting digital assets is to understand that all the information we share has value.

"The first thing we have to understand is what we have. Just as we do, for example, when we go out on the street and locate where our wallet is, our keys, it is the same in the digital world, understand what are the things of value to us," mentioned the A3Sec executive.

Once the digital assets are located, the steps to follow are to have secure passwords, which are not used constantly, or to use programs that allow us to generate stronger passwords, as well as to avoid publishing sensitive information with anyone.

Most of the digital assets are exposed to cyber attacks which can come from different sources and security breaches.

Visualizing these breaches is a permanent task that requires specialized prevention, detection and reaction services, which are difficult to obtain with internal systems teams, since the constant advance of technology implies staying at the forefront.

It is necessary for companies to have schemes that complement cybersecurity measures effectively to ensure the highest possible levels of security for systems..

Cybersecurity implies having effective tools not only for detection and response, but also for prevention, which will help to save money, time and companies can continue working to achieve their objectives.

With a presence in Spain, Colombia and Mexico, A3Sec has become a strategic ally of thousands of companies by offering tools for the prevention, detection and reaction to any type of attack.

In this sense, the company has an operations center in charge of carrying out automated processes with state-of-the-art technology, which includes cybersecurity supported by data with the use of Machine Learning and applying deterministic models to increase detection and response capacity.

This service, called Unified Cybersecurity Operation, facilitates the decision-making process through a control panel with automated responses.

This type of work allows for increased efficiency in cybersecurity tasks and operations, which includes adaptive security, i.e., tailored suits for each company, based on an understanding of the security architecture, which is supported in the cloud.

If you want to know more about the topic, you can watch here the interview to Israel Gutierrez, our CTO in the Spanish channel Negocios Televisión, in the program Visión Global where, together with the correspondent in Mexico Ricardo Rangel, they talked about digital insecurity in Mexico.


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