Hello! The new version of WOCU is ready.

We continue to develop and improve the tool to version 0.36 - including bug-fixes.

As always, you can find all the details in the RELEASE NOTES, inside the user manual.

Nea look and new feeling

New look and feel

The thing that will catch your attention the most is the new look and feeling.

There is an old adage that says "Everything goes in through the eyes", it's actually very true, especially when it comes to design, isn't it?

We have updated the colors of WOCU's widgets and dashboards to the tones of our logo, as well as improved, with alternating lines in different tones, the tables containing information, for better usability.

This change in appearance will be the starting point for the creation of custom style themes for clients, accommodating the work environment according to corporate visual attributes.

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Better Global View of Domains

Along with the general change of the look and feel we have added some functionalities to the Global View of domains, adding the option to filter realms by their connectivity and showing an information box that indicates the number of realms that are displayed with respect to the total number of realms associated to the applied filtering category.

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Filtering by IP address in Assets

Another feature that was also requested quite urgently was the option to search by IP address in the Devices inventory of the Assets section of a specific realm.

Until now, it only showed the host_name or its Display name if we had set it, but not the associated IP address, unless you clicked on the host and could see this information in the Host modal.

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Disable actions on Import-tool tasks

Within our asset import module, we have included a couple of improvements, on the one hand you can now disable actions on Import-tool tasks, for the moment: create, edit, delete and execute.

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New BP Trace tab on causes of failure in a Business Process

Until now the only way to visualize the components of a business process was to read the rule that had been created to register that business process. Yes, we know, the information was not very easy to interpret, so for some time we wanted you to see it in a friendly way and finally we have taken some time to develop this visualization.


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If you want to know all the details of this new release, you know, you have the complete information in our user manual.


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