The inclusive event Monitorama PDX, was held June 3-5, at the Portland Center Stage, located in the heart of Portland, a technology-loving city. It was sponsored by industry companies such as: Lightstep, ManageEngine and SignalFX.

In its academic agenda, new research and developments in monitoring and observability were presented by industry experts and community opinion leaders. There were round table discussions on new trends in these topics and new tools and techniques used in some of the world's largest infrastructure websites.

Among some of the outstanding speakers were: John Allspaw, who has worked in software systems engineering and operations for more than 20 years in different business environments; Quintessence Anx, with more than 10 years in the IT sector as a database administrator and DevOps; and Dave Cadwallader, architect at DNANexus and expert in bioinformatics and Cloud Computing.

Also, some of the most relevant talks, related to monitoring, were: Observability and performance analysis of BPF and Practical Anomaly Detection using Prometheus.

Considering the importance of monitoring in the business sector and its knowledge to increase the protection of vulnerable information and ensure the proper functioning of your data center, it is essential to mention the comprehensive monitoring tool WOCU.

WOCU Monitoring

It is a monitoring solution for networks, servers, applications and IP devices, which integrates all departments of the infrastructure, whether physical or virtual, for better performance and decision making in organizations.

Some of its benefits include: real-time knowledge of infrastructure status, optimization of the use of IT resources and increased proactivity in daily operations in the organization.

Today, these academic and networking spaces have allowed the awareness of good information security practices within companies, solving some problems such as monitoring not oriented to business objectives and dispersed and unorganized information. WOCU has helped different organizations from different sectors to protect, monitor and analyze information with the best technology.


Do you want to use a single monitoring tool?

WOCU will allow you to service hundreds of customers and to monitor thousands of devices in a single centralized location.


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