Current situation

Inside the situation that companies are in, we have to review our cybersecurity strategy, rethink the basics and if we are doing correctly the execution of projects associated with our master plans. From here is born "cybersecurity strategy from scratch" to rethink from scratch our strategy and get value from all those data that we are generating related to offensive technical projects born from a complete cybersecurity strategy.

What's happening in the industry?

The following current concerns we generate for clients give us an insight into how they end up getting into the chaos of managing their offensive results within organizations.

  • The Commodities: Basic services requested by regulations, IT requirements or market dynamics.
  • The Modernites: New trendy services and solutions that talk only about threats without worrying about the basics in vulnerabilities and cross-referencing data to business risks.
  • The MrAlgorithms: Solutions that base everything on algorithms even to add 1+1, algorithms are necessary, but not in everything.
  • The DataDiogenes: They keep everything up to what is not worth for nothing, big quantities of log ingestion without applying logic.


Within the implementation of a multitude of products aimed at identifying failures and threats, there is the problem of good results-oriented management and forgetting information identified as important. All this is unmanageable in time for technical teams.

For this reason, A3Sec proposes a reorganization of "Kaos Data", unifying and standardizing information, applying functional algorithms to optimize results and manage valuable data to work with them more efficiently.


Zero Kaos Data Threats

"Zero Kaos Data Threats - zeroKDT" is our platform for managing the chaos generated by all those tools we use in corporations to identify failures and threats.

The ecosystem created in companies with a multitude of products generates a lot of information that in our case we take advantage of and organize to get the maximum possible value.




How do we manage and provide value to all this information?

How do we manage and provide value to all this information?

We have revolutionized the ingestion and management of all volumes of offensive information by giving our platform the flexibility to feed from all possible sources.

We treat the data in a standardized way to generate Threat Identification based on the client's industry. A real threat assessment is performed with the impact to the asset.

All these data are categorized into vulnerabilities, threats, indicators of compromise, indicators of attack as main factors of real technical risk assessment. And we respond to data management oversight such as for example vulnerabilities identified as low or medium which can be a tipping point in a complete killchain of a threat actor.




Objectives of the platform

  • Optimize/standardize data obtained in offensive exercises
  • Reduce management times
  • Identification of real threats
  • Give value to the offensive results in the executive layer of the companies (BOARD)
  • Calculation of real business risk
  • Bringing threat results closer to business language


Areas involved

  • Cybersecurity, Information Security, Corporate Security.
  • Technology, Communications, Innovation, etc.
  • Management area.




We at A3Sec provide service on our zeroKDT platform, managing these vulnerabilities and threats, giving value to all the information generated.

"Attack your enemy when he is unprepared, show up when they are not expecting you."
Sun Tzu- 'The Art of War'.


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