• 277 days, the estimated time to detect cybercrime.

  • As a result of the pandemic, the sector most affected by cybercriminals was health.

With the close relationship between the physical and virtual worlds that currently exists, hyperconnectivity generates a never-before-seen amount of information, therefore, measuring and quantifying has become a very complex issue, which beyond being a technological risk, has become a business risk.

During his presentation "Cybersecurity for the 4th Industrial Transformation", within the framework of the 37th edition of the International ICT Congress, ANDICOM 2022, Javier Diaz Evans, CRO of the A3Sec group, indicated that despite the fact that the time gap has been decreasing, currently, companies dedicated to cybersecurity take 277 days to detect crimes, during which time criminals enter organizations, access the systems and keep seeing the results until the reaction arrives.

According to the manager, as a result of the pandemic, one of the sectors most affected by cybercrime is health, because the data of people and their medical history increased in value and the fact that they are available on the internet turns them into relevant information to change habits, changes that lead to facing major problems in cybersecurity.

“Two of the most critical cybersecurity issues are authentication and configuration. Both are well-known vulnerabilities and that is why we focus on attacking these elements by developing a large amount of technology,” said Diaz Evans.

The specialist added that 83% of recidivist attacks that are managed in A3Sec worldwide are the product of incorrect configuration. 10 years ago, the tool for decision-making in cybersecurity was risk management; It was a concept that the business understood and helped us prioritize. But currently, risk management falls short because we face a lot of uncertainty in our day to day.

“In cybersecurity, most issues are unknown, therefore we are migrating from a risk management model to an uncertainty management model, as well as artificial intelligence issues and analytics tools that help us reduce attacks. and mitigate the cost of incidents,” Diaz Evans specified.

During his presentation, Javier Diaz also commented that “we cannot protect what we do not know, the inventory of assets is key and we must keep it constantly updated. Controls lose their effectiveness over time, so we must be checking and adjusting our security posture.”

On the other hand, for the Global Sales Director (Chief Revenue Officer - CRO) of Grupo A3Sec, security does not mean technology, but security is procedures and people, so the most critical problem that is is experiencing at the moment is the lack of trained personnel, since there are no specialists trained to implement it, which means that the outsourcing of security processes is something imperative for all organizations.

Diaz Evans perceives that one of the main challenges in cybersecurity is trust. “Trust models seek to maintain that credibility among customers and stakeholders. Thus, cybersecurity companies must be transparent and make it clear what we do with the data of our clients”.

“Those of us who are dedicated to cybersecurity are thinking about what to do to change people's habits with the intention of keeping them safe and for this, a lot of money has been invested in awareness. At A3Sec we are one step ahead of other cybersecurity companies, threats are latent and they will always look for the easiest path, hence our emphasis on prevention”, concludes Javier Diaz, CRO of A3Sec.

Under the motto "Digital Impulse for Business and Society", during ANDICOM 2022 topics such as: digital automation, blockchain, crypto crash, smart cities, among others, were addressed, and this year, the International ICT Congress brought together 7,000 attendees in 70 academic sessions, with more than 120 internationally renowned speakers.


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