CISO Day 2019, the biggest event around the image of the CISO, will be held on June 12 at the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid and will have the Gold level sponsorship of A3Sec, one of the reference companies in comprehensive solutions for Cybersecurity, Monitoring and Business Intelligence in Spain and Latin America.


The event will be held on June 12 at the Palacio de la Prensa, Madrid. It will feature top professionals from the following sectors: Strategic (CISO), Analytical (Cyber Intelligence), Institutional (INCIBE), Innovative (CyberStartup), Security (Suppliers) and Technical (Hacking).



Among the speakers will be Israel Gutiérrez Barreto, CTO of A3Sec, who will address the topic of cybersecurity and how to face the economic, management and the speed challenges in the organization's environment. Professionals attending can propose some ideas on how to improve their approach to IT security within their organizations.

The event starts at 9am and at 11:10am it will be the turn of Israel Gutierrez to present Keynote II: Facing cybersecurity from an economic and management point of view. Israel will explain how to face the economic, management and speed challenges in the organizational environment. And he will do so, in part, thanks to technologies such as Rapid7, one of A3Sec's main technological allies.

Do you want to implement a security strategy that allows you to have visibility of an attack, react in time and protect your organization from cyber-attacks?

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Data&cIA Congress 2019: the event for Big Data and artificial intelligence

Parallel to the CISO Day 2019, the Data&cIA Congress 2019, the largest professional event in Spain on Big Data and AI applied to business, will be held in the same place, which will be attended by a large number of AI development professionals and also CDOs. In this event, A3Sec will be a Silver sponsor.

Data&cIA Congress 2019 con A3Sec

The presentations will focus on topics such as Data Ethics, Data Governance, Artificial Intelligence, Data Architecture, The Future of Data; Data Visualization; Startups; Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

Alejandro de la Peña, Account Manager at A3Sec, will be in charge of moderating Roundtable III which will deal with The Future of Data at 12:50h. The round table will also include the participation of.


A3Sec, key sponsor of CISO Day and Data&cIA

As a key sponsor of the CISO Day and Data&cIA 2019 events, A3Sec consolidates its position as one of the leading companies in the cybersecurity, monitoring and Business Intelligence sectors.

A3Sec has an approach based on Data as a business accelerator. The key is to transform data into relevant information for strategic security and business decision making.

In the field of cybersecurity, this is achieved through the use of advanced monitoring of the entire structure of the organization, the use of big data together with artificial intelligence to analyze the data and adapt security to the real needs of the company. Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud are the most important parts of the innovative solutions offered by A3Sec through its Center for Security and Digital Surveillance (CSVD®).


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