In this new edition of WEBinars A3Sec, we discussed Startups and Cybersecurity with the guest Salomon Zarruk - CEO of Mono

Entrepreneurship has accelerated since the pandemic, in 2021 in Mexico more than 2,250 new Startups have been created, closing with 7 new unicorns. In Colombia, revenues exceed one billion in 2021 compared to $353,000 in 2020, discovering more than 8,500 jobs in the country. In Spain, investments in Startups exceeded EUR 3,000 million in 2021, positioning itself as the sixth country in the region, tripling the investment in 2020. 

With this overview, we want to understand how critical cybersecurity is for the development and hypergrowth of Startups.

In this WEBinar we will discuss: 

  • The challenges of creating startups
  • Cybersecurity as a tool for developing business models
  • What challenges do startups have in terms of cybersecurity?
  • How do they provide trust to their customers?

Soon we will share more information about new WEBinars by A3Sec.

*This webinar was conducted in Spanish

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